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A Private Sector Guided Model for Sustained Operational Public/Private Partnerships to Jointly Solve Problems with State/Local Emergency Management

​​The ENDEAVOR-PA working group is the result of an ongoing relationship between Emergency Management in Pennsylvania and the private sector. 

ENDEAVOR-PA will formalize partnerships between emergency management and private sector partners to reduce the impacts of hazards statewide by increasing overall resiliency with increased preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities, ultimately saving lives and better-protecting property.
ENDEVOR-PA Background

Increasing disasters and threats continue to impact Pennsylvania’s companies and their supply chains. Along with this trend are the rising costs and complexities that industry faces in their efforts to continue conducting business, serving their customers, and protecting their employees and infrastructure. 

Created by industry with state support, ENDEAVOR is a structured problem solving and planning model to formalized partnerships between emergency management and private sector partners to reduce the impacts of hazards statewide.

The ENDEAVOR program will bring together industry and government to discuss complex statewide operational issues that require multiple industry sectors, public/private partnership organizations, counties, and state agencies to solve.


The purpose of ENDEAVOR is to engage business leaders from a number of different industries, including but not limited to electric, communications, transportation, food, water, fuel, health/medical, finance, insurance, and others, to establish a structured private sector planning and response framework, with the support of state and local emergency management professionals, for the purpose of expediting business recovery following any large disaster or disruption within Pennsylvania.

ENDEAVOR will provide a new framework operated by industry, designed to address operational issues, build partnerships, develop agreements, leverage resources & capabilities, pursue joint projects, and jointly create process or information sharing based innovations that increase overall resilience in Pennsylvania’s businesses, communities, and public/private organizations statewide.

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What were the first impressions of the ENDEAVOR model?

How was working with government before the ENDEAVOR model was in place?

How did the ENDEAVOR model create a new problem solving culture between industry and government ?

Prior to ENDEAVOR how did you know who to contact at the state/local emergency management, transportation, and other agencies?

How does ENDEAVOR provide support to address local or statewide issues?

During the 2020 COVID pandemic, how did ENDEAVOR support the statewide coordination on the opening and closing of facilities during the facility lock downs and restrictions?

How does ENDEAVOR support the solving of operational problems via joint planning and discussion?

How does ENDEAVOR support existing companies (large and small) and existing public/private organizations with trusted, validate information?

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