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A Private Sector Guided Model for Sustained Operational Public/Private Partnerships to Jointly Solve Problems with State/Local Emergency Management

​​The ENDEAVOR-VA working group is the result of an ongoing relationship between Emergency Management in Virginia and the private sector. 

ENDEAVOR-VA will formalize partnerships between emergency management and private sector partners to reduce the impacts of hazards statewide by increasing overall resiliency with increased preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities, ultimately saving lives and better-protecting property.
ENDEAVOR-VA Background

Increasing disasters and threats continue to impact Virginia’s companies and their supply chains. Along with this trend are the rising costs and complexities that industry faces in their efforts to continue conducting business, serving their customers, and protecting their employees and infrastructure. 

Created by industry with state support, ENDEAVOR is a structured problem solving and planning model to formalized partnerships between emergency management and private sector partners to reduce the impacts of hazards statewide.

The ENDEAVOR program will bring together industry and government to discuss complex statewide operational issues that require multiple industry sectors, public/private partnership organizations, counties, and state agencies to solve.


The purpose of ENDEAVOR is to engage business leaders from a number of different industries, including but not limited to electric, communications, transportation, food, water, fuel, health/medical, finance, insurance, and others, to establish a structured private sector planning and response framework, with the support of state and local emergency management professionals, for the purpose of expediting business recovery following any large disaster or disruption within Virginia.

ENDEAVOR will provide a new framework operated by industry, designed to address operational issues, build partnerships, develop agreements, leverage resources & capabilities, pursue joint projects, and jointly create process or information sharing based innovations that increase overall resilience in Virginia’s businesses, communities, and public/private organizations statewide.

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ENDEAVOR - Virginia Use Case Webinar
Topics: Transportation Situational Awareness
October 19, 2023 at 1:00pm ET
Must Register on this site to Attend

We are delighted to invite the ENDEAVOR - VA community to a webinar focused on a solution for the  "Transportation Situational Awareness" use case that was discussed at the July 20223 ENDEAVOR-VA kick-off meeting.

This virtual event is hosted by the Endeavor-Virginia Working Group in partnership with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and it promises to be an invaluable opportunity for collaboration and learning.

•    Thursday, October 19, 2023
•    Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Meeting Overview:
During times of disaster, our state and local roads often face closures for many reasons. Understanding and effectively responding to these situations is essential for the safety and well-being of our communities. This meeting aims to bring together stakeholders from both the private sector and local and state governments to enhance the processes of capturing, disseminating, and responding to transportation situational awareness in Virginia.

Key Discussion Points:

•    Understanding the processes used by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and local departments of transportation use to gather road status information for industry
•    Gain insights into the processes used by state and county DOTs to report road closures, road openings, and status updates.
•    Options for reporting road status information from industry to government
•    How to strengthen collaboration and communication between industry and government for efficient resource movements.

Hosted By:

•    Endeavor-Virginia Working Group
•    Virginia Department of Emergency Management

ENDEAVOR - Virginia
VIRTUAL Use Case Workshop
Topic: Business Access and Re-Entry Following Disasters
March 1 and March 8  at 1:00pm ET

Meeting Announcement: ENDEAVOR Virginia Working Group: Business Access and Re-Entry Use Case Virtual Workshop
The ENDEAVOR Virginia Working Group is hosting a two-part virtual meeting to explore the critical issue of business access and re-entry to restricted following disasters in Virginia (and possibly other participating states). This series aims to bring together stakeholders from various sectors and walk through a facilitated process designed to create a shared understanding of the problem from both industry and government perspectives, the re-entry processes currently in use at the county and state levels (where applicable), and discussions on other current and future solutions.

The primary objective of these meetings is to foster a comprehensive understanding of access and re-entry issues post-disasters and to catalyze collaborative efforts toward developing effective strategies and solutions. By engaging a diverse group of stakeholders, we aim to address both present and future challenges, ensuring more resilient and efficient recovery processes.

Dates & Times:
•    Part One: Friday, March 1, 2024, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (see agenda below)
•    Part Two: Friday, March 9, 2024, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (see agenda below)

•   Virtual Zoom Meeting (Link to be provided upon registration)
•   Registration is required. 
•   After you register you will register an email from ZOOM with a ink to join the meetings and further instructions.
This ENDEAVOR Virginia Working Group Use Case initiative is designed to address the critical and complex challenges associated with business access and re-entry in the aftermath of disasters.

Virtual Meeting Schedule/Agendas

1)    Virtual Use Case Workshop #1 -  Friday, March 1, 2024 at 1 pm ET

•    Agenda
     •    Introductions
     •    Use Case Overview
     •    The Use Case Process
     •    Step 1 – Defining the Problem
     •    Step 2 – Discussing the impacts

2)    Virtual Use Case Workshop #2 -  Friday March 8, 2024 at 1:00 pm ET

•    Agenda
     •    Step 3 – Defining the people to be engaged
     •    Step 4 – Discussing the information needed
     •    Step 5 – Defining the info sensitivity levels
     •    Step 6 – Discussing current and possible solutions
     •    Conclusion

Contact Information: 
For more information or inquiries, please get in touch with Jennifer Sharpe at Virginia Department of Emergency Management (jennifer.sharpe@vdem.virginia.gov) or Tom Moran and the All Hazards Consortium (tom.moran@ahcusa.org).
We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions to this important discussion. Together, we can work towards more resilient communities and industries in the face of disasters.

Hosted By:

•    Endeavor-Virginia Working Group
•    Virginia Department of Emergency Management

ENDEAVOR Virginia Kick Off Meeting
July 25, 2023
At Virginia Department of Emergency Management Operations Center

On Tuesday, July 25, 2023, the kick-off meeting was conducted for the ENDEAVOR Virginia (aka ENDEAVOR-VA) planning and problem-solving working group.

Facilitated by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and the All Hazards Consortium (AHC), 80+ participants (60% private sector, 40% government) engaged in tabletop discussions that identified industry-related issues that could be working on the AHC's "Use Case" development process.

The private sector will organize an Executive Steering Committee to prioritize the use cases to be addressed first and outline their first-year work plan (e.g. approved charter, goal/objectives, meeting schedule, etc..)

Working with ENDEAVOR-VA's government Executive Steering Committee, joint planning and problem-solving sessions will be conducted to produce solutions that will make Virginia businesses and communities more resilient in the near future.

Supported by the AHC and its multiple working groups and partners, along with the ENDEAVOR Pennsylvania working group formed in 2018, the ENDEAVOR-VA working group is off to a great start. It will also leverage the larger community of people, processes, exercises, technologies, and information produced by the collective body of AHC stakeholders and partner organizations.

Frequently Asks Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is the ENDEAVOR-VA Model?
ENDEAVOR-VA is a structured, safe, integrated planning model to formalize partnerships between emergency management and private sector partners to reduce the impacts of hazards statewide. 

2.     ENDEAVOR-VA Benefits?

For Industry: 
ENDEAVOR-VA provides the private sector with a new safe, FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) protected problem-solving model that they own, operate, and sustain over time with government emergency managers.

For Government:
ENDEAVOR-VA provides government (state/local) emergency managers with a new option to energize and accelerate their existing or evolving private sector programs through integrated planning and results focused problem-solving.

3.    Will the ENDEAVOR-VA model compete with existing public/private organizations, trade, associations, community groups, etc.?
The ENDEAVOR-VA model will not compete with any existing organization. ENDEAVOR-VA establishes a legal framework owned and operated by industry instead of a government agency. This allows industry, nonprofits, academia, and individuals to become part of and support the ENDEAVOR-VA model as they see fit. ENDEAVOR-VA should provide a framework for problem-solving and the aggregation of information and solutions that can be shared with everyone.

4.    What will be the focus of the ENDEAVOR-VA model?
Typically, the ENDEAVOR-VA model will focus on broad, statewide issues that all stakeholders can use. The executive steering committee will establish the process for prioritizing areas of focus. Various use cases, projects, initiatives, or other activities may be undertaken by ENDEAVOR-VA stakeholders and/or partner organizations based on the available resources. ENDEAVOR-VA will provide the framework to keep all stakeholders informed.

5.    Who runs ENDEAVOR-VA?
The governance model for ENDEAVOR-VA will feature an executive steering committee with a chair and co-chair. This will be outlined and the charter. The state emergency management department will advise the executive steering committee as needed.

6.    How will ENDEAVOR-VA work with the state?
The ENDEAVOR-VA model will provide the ability for government to work on specific issues with the advisement from industry as appropriate. Conversely, industry may work on problems that need advisement from government. ENDEAVOR-VA will be connected to the state department of emergency management, which will provide the reach back capability to other state agencies based on the Use cases being undertaken.
Once in place, ENDEAVOR-VA will provide the state with a streamlined option to work with industry to solve specific problems faster.

7.    Who is The All Hazards Consortium (AHC)?
     •    A Maryland, 501c3 non-profit, formed by states (VA-DC-MD) in 2005
     •    Builds Partnerships Between States & Industry to solve operational problems
               -  40,000+ Nationwide Stakeholders, includes state/local/federal, trades, sectors, nonprofits, research
     •    Focus areas:
               - Integrated, cross-sector planning w/ AHC’s FOAI exempt legal framework
     •    Identifies Inter-Dependencies in Multi-State, Cross Sector issues
     •    Operational Planning, Exercises & Problem Solving
               - Sensitive Operational Information Sharing & Technology
               - Operational Training & Education
               - Mitigation planning & infrastructure  projects
                    o    FEMA BRIC Grants – Infrastructure/Mitigation (Energy Storage www.gogpods.org)
                    o Serves government as audited fiduciary agent, $50+ million in projects, grants, & research
     •    Support multiple state & industry PPP programs across US
     •    Website: www.ahcusa.org

8.    Is the AHC Exempt from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)?
As a Maryland 501c3, the AHC is exempt from FOIA requests. This provides a safe, media free environment for industry and government to meet and discuss issues and develop projects and solutions together without the fear of media or non-operational interference. This exemption extends to all of its working groups, meetings and events, including ENDEAVOR-VA activities.

Lessons Learned from Pennsylvania's ENDEAVOR Model

Introduction to the ENDEAVOR Model Leadership in Pennsylvania who will be supporting ENDEAVOR Virginia

Meet the Leadership of ENDEAVOR - Pennsylvania

Harristown Properties

Carmela Hinderaker
C&S Whole Grocers

What were the first impressions of the ENDEAVOR model?

How was working with government before the ENDEAVOR model was in place?

How did the ENDEAVOR model create a new problem solving culture between industry and government ?

Prior to ENDEAVOR how did you know who to contact at the state/local emergency management, transportation, and other agencies?

How does ENDEAVOR provide support to address local or statewide issues?

During the 2020 COVID pandemic, how did ENDEAVOR support the statewide coordination on the opening and closing of facilities during the facility lock downs and restrictions?

How does ENDEAVOR support the solving of operational problems via joint planning and discussion?

How does ENDEAVOR support existing companies (large and small) and existing public/private organizations with trusted, validate information?

Why Join an ENDEAVOR model working group?

Why Join an ENDEAVOR model working group?

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